With great trepidation Fernando ventured deeper into the forest. He yearned to turn back, but the prize ahead drew him onwards like a hungry aphid towards a trickle of spilled guava juice. 

The fallen Brambles and thorns on the forest floor pierced into Fernando's bare feet coursing their hallucinogenic toxins through his body at an alarming rate.

Yet another case for the benifits of footwear Fernando would ignore... Miguel Garcia de Paredes

As the psychedelic poison spread through his veins, Fernando's mind begun to dangle between the thighs of reality and illusion.

Pawing onward like a greasy jaguar in a slip and slide competition, Fernando let out a moan of satisfaction and confusion. Krzysztof Gawinek & Roderick Mackenzie

The moan echoed throughout the damp woods for what seemed like a sensual eternity.

It did not go unheard.

Nearby a man named Chad, who was dressed in his finest velvet, mistook the moan for a mating call. He set aside his oily jugs and swiftly replied. Jonas Superkebab

Tenderly fondling his priceless discovery, the erotic ambrosia derived from the mythical Root of All Wood, Chad adjusted the garters of his lavender thigh-high fishnets, loaded his tranquiliser dart gun, and swanned forth to meet what he hoped was his connubial destiny. wmfivethree

Like an erogenous form of mammalian synchronization, Fernando and Chad lured each other ever closer with their sensual wails until they promptly collided, tumbling down a conveniently placed ravine.
Niels Raats & derp

The two intertwined as they fell, rolling in a scandalous manner down the rocky crevasse. Fernando's body, hardened from nights of unrestrained emotion shielded Chad from the protruding dangers.
Dara O Cleirigh

As they fell, the rocks grew softer. And warmer. And greasier.

When they reached the soft bottom, they realized that their clothes had been swapped during the fall. Miguel Jorquera

And that they were surrounded by walls of green flesh. It was the body of the forest itself.

And whatever orifice this was, they should probably not be there. Miguel Jorquera

Fernando and Chad eyed each other, dressed in one another's sensuous accoutrements, liking what they saw, if only out of the deeply ingrained erotic narcissism which afflicted them both. wmfivethree

"Well look where we are now, the pulsating insides of the forest itself." Chad said, annoyed.

"The only way we can get out is to impregnate the eggs of the forest in a ritual known only to my people." He said with a wink. Amaterasu The Espeon

Fernando watched Chad as he begun to thrust in rapid motions.

Chad wailed and begun sweating lemon sented grease.

He then grabbed Fernando's hand signaling him to join in.

Anthony French


A grin of pure ecstasy lit up Fernando's face, for he knew he could not refuse.

His body tensed in anticipation, all air leaving his butthole, creating a void in his anus, a void he knew he had to fill.

Joey Paulson


Chad grabbed Fernando's hips and gently but firmly guided his movements until their thrusts were united in a moist and luscious harmony, while the soft velvet caressed Fernando's flesh and soul in ways previously unknown to him.

He moaned deeply.

Michele Sacchi


The forest, seemingly in response to Fernando's moan, began to quiver and let out a moan of it's own.

Slimy tentacles emerged from the walls, pressing the two together.

"This is it" Chad whispered in Fernando's ear. "Be ready."


What happens next? (Try and keep it under 40 words).