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Hello! If you’re reading this then you’re mildly curious about this site or something on it. My name is Chris, but hereafter I will be referred to as “Lord Zorgatron”. is primarily a showcase for Lord Zorgatron’s flash animation.  Lord Zorgatron has been drawing since he could clasp a crayon in his lizardly talons.  Lord Zorgatron used to tell his stories in comic form, but became disillusioned with the lack of interest most people have in pictures that do not move, so he applied his impressively large lizard-brain to the task of learning the craft of animation.  He also has an interest in writing and recording music, and in early 2005 formed a band called The Froggerbots with Liam, hereafter referred to as Fishbelt O’Reilly, and Peter, hereafter not referred to.

When Fishbelt O’Reilly got a promotion at the oyster factory he no longer had time for the project. Until this time Lord Zorgatron’s animations were hosted on a friend’s site, but the outages were severe and Lord Zorgatron’s mighty lizard-patience was tested to breaking point, so in September ’05 he registered and changed the name of the band to The Greasy Moose.  It now exists more as a collaborative project between Lord Zorgatron and Fishbelt where for the most part Lord Zorgatron writes and records the music and Fishbelt unleashes his mighty vocal talents.

Lord Zorgatron may be available to work on a project if it was either a) insanely cool, b) involved lizards or c) paid lots of bird eggs.  Lord Zorgatron will no longer accept lizard young as payment.  They are a tasty snack but really don't function well as a medium of exchange.  You should know better.


Q. Lord Zorgatron, how did you come to be a lizard?
A. I underwent radical trans-species surgery, it costs money to look this good.

Q. Lord Zorgatron, do you reproduce like a mammal or lay eggs like a reptile?
A. I am a male of the species, and as such I don't care.

Q. Lord Zorgatron, why do you animate?
A. That's a good question, but you see theres only so long a mighty lizard such as I can lie on a smooth rock in the sun without getting restless.

Q. Lord Zorgatron, your lizard musk is comforting, your mighty cape voluminous and your tail long and well-muscled.
A. That's not a question.