It's a great compliment when other people draw your characters!  If anyone has more greasiness in the form of fanart I'll put it here, just post it on the forum or e-mail gooseman @

by Armpitcore420

by Wason Lay

by John Yuma

by Analcumslut69

by James Orth

by HimiKimi

by James Orth

by Kolbasique

by Christoph Stoll

by Grace Silver

by Alexy Guadalupe

by Aporpheus

by Jonethen Beraz

by Jafz3D

by Bob Nelson

by Shopi Star

by RageNineteen


by Norbenry


by Anagram-Daine


from George


from Joshua

by matty batty


by Emily


by Vittulainen


by Aporpheus


cg fernando

by Osuka


will animate for crabs

by giorgos1908


by Rian

by Huw Burstall-Evans


by Chris



This fine young specimen is named Jakob.


The Great Weed Drought of '05 (comic)

Dom Capizzi



Inspiration Hole comic (click to open)

by giorgos1908


fernando hero

by Thavius



by sonow3


walrus pit

by Huw Burstall-Evans


space duck

by WOOTinator


fernando freehand

by Joshua Lorian


by Jordan McDonald


minecraft fernando

minecraft fernando

by Heavyweapons6uy

This one isn't really fanart, but I think it belongs here:

fernando cosplay

from IloveKawk


gooseman stencil

by theamazingbastard


manny stencil



gooseman pootah

by Pootah


anyone for yogurt?

by Preston


by Dytheros


by Bloominglove


by TheCrackDealer

by Dutchinlive

gooseman rage

by Osuka

by Velex

by Damien

by Breadwinner

by James

by Alex

by Jordan McDonald


by Cory Clark

by Phunk

by Goosegirl

by Sucho

Fernando Groinpump - Rule 34 was bound to catch up with Fernando sooner or later (adult content), by Ivoh.

Return of the King - Fernando powers back to his old manwhoring self, by Fakku.

by Spawnling of "Sausage Toes" Duffy

by Vomitory Fecalius

by Vomitory Fecalius


by Shmee

by Para



Areyoualizard's Peter's Outtakes

Painpopper's Christmas Time


by Suspicious

will there be a rematch?

by Malus

gooseman shrine

By Kevin

by Shisno

by Shisno

Greasy Revenge Comic by John.

1 2 3 4 5

by Fakku

by Para

by Suspicious

by Adc

by Yuji

by Josh Necessary